Why should I support Sign Bilingual Education?

Hong Kong has been neglecting the importance of sign language in the early development of deaf children. Oralist education is the only option for them. The research from the Centre for Sign Linguistics and Deaf Studies, CUHK has shown that 49.2% of deaf children in mainstream schools suffer from severe language delay, which leads to limited classroom participation, low academic performances and social isolation.


Sign Bilingual Education is an innovative education model that benefits both deaf and hearing students. This model aims to expand the scope of the oralist-only deaf education in Hong Kong by introducing a bilingual model which uses both signed and spoken languages in educating deaf and hearing students. By adopting this multisensory education model in school, not only can deaf students learn without barriers, hearing students can also learn how to respect people with individual differences.


We are in need of your support, which will enable us to increase our resources and continue our work in sustaining and further developing the "Sign Bilingual and Co-enrolment Programme" in kindergarten and primary school. Help us to provide supporting services and professional trainings to teachers as we aim to create a deaf-hearing inclusive society where deaf children can continue their studies without barriers.

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What are the benefits of Sign Bilingual Education?

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